Showcasing Remarkable Family-Run Businesses

Showcasing Remarkable Family-Run Businesses

Amidst the bustling economic landscape of Europe, there exists a tapestry of small family-run businesses – the true unsung heroes of our continent’s prosperity. These enterprises, deeply rooted in tradition and resilience, form the cornerstone of our economic fabric. Their stories, often hidden in the shadows, are the narratives that deserve to be uncovered, celebrated, and shared.

Embarking on a special initiative, we’re dedicated to shining a spotlight on these small family-run businesses, allowing their journeys to resonate far and wide.
As part of this uplifting campaign, an exceptional opportunity awaits these outstanding family businesses to step into the limelight on European platforms and social media channels. Our intention is to capture the essence of each business through engaging case studies, presenting a holistic view of their experiences, triumphs, and challenges in the contemporary digital era.

This collaborative effort will culminate in a multi-dimensional presentation, featuring:

1.Thoughtful Written Profiles: A comprehensive exploration of each business’s story will grace our digital stage. These profiles will delve into their founding narrative, the priceless insights from employees entrenched in the family-run ethos, as well as the notable milestones and hurdles overcome within the digital landscape.

2.Captivating Animated Stories: The narrative of each business will also come alive through captivating short animations, set to grace various social media platforms. These animations will succinctly encapsulate the essence of each family business’s unique journey and achievements.

To express our gratitude for your participation, we are delighted to offer a choice between a £250 Amazon voucher (approximately €289) or a charitable donation of the same value to a cause close to your heart.

We warmly extend an invitation to join this enriching initiative, a chance to not only showcase your business but also to share your invaluable experiences and insights with a broader audience.

Scheduled for unveiling on European online platforms and across social media channels in early September 2023, this compelling content may also find resonance across platforms in the UK, France, Spain, Germany, and Poland.

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Entry Details and Rules

To be part of this inspiring celebration of family-run businesses, kindly adhere to the following entry details and rules:

1. Eligibility Criteria:

• Your business must be family-owned and operated.

• The business should fall under the micro or small enterprise category.

2. Submission Process:

• Fill out our provided form with essential business details to confirm eligibility. The form will help us understand your journey, challenges, and achievements better.

3. Consent Form:

• Each participating family business is required to sign a consent form, granting permission for their story, photos, and logo to be used in promotional materials.

4. Photo and Logo Submission:

• Provide a high-quality photo of your business, showcasing its essence. This photo will be used on our website and in animations.

• If available, provide your company logo for display alongside your profile.

(Further information and details will be shared individually if selected).

We appreciate your enthusiasm and look forward to celebrating the remarkable journey of your family-run business. Your dedication and resilience are the driving force behind Europe’s economic fabric, and we can’t wait to share your story with a wider audience.

Participate now and share your journey:

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